California Motorcycle Safety Video Contest

California Motorcycle Safety Video Contest

May is recognized as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month throughout the United States. During this month, various organizations, government agencies, and motorcycle safety advocates strive to promote motorcycle safety and raise awareness about the importance of sharing the road safely with motorcyclists. The goal is to reduce motorcycle accidents, injuries, and fatalities through education and outreach efforts.

According to TIMS Berkeley, in 2022, there was a total of 2,766 motorcycle crashes in Los Angeles County alone. That equates to almost 8 motorcycle crashes per day. Across the entire state in 2022, there were 12,200 crashes. This adds up to almost 34 crashes per day in the state of California.

Since starting LawLinq, our attorneys have noticed seriously these crashes affect riders and loved ones across the state. To help combat these statistics, we want to do our part to help keep motorcycle riders in Los Angeles and throughout the state of California safe while riding. We will be offering $500 to the rider who sends in the best video showing off their motorcycle safety gear. Please feel free to get as creative with your video submissions as you’d like.

Before we highlight additional video guidelines we wanted to note recent accident statistics in Los Angeles County and throughout California.

2022 California Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Map of Los Angeles County Crashes

california motorcycle accident statistics 2022


Total 2022 Crashes in Los Angeles County

According to TIMS, there were 2766 crashes in Los Angeles County in 2022. As data continues to roll out, TIMS may update this number over time.



Of these accidents, 1,785, or about 64.5% of them occurred on a highway, freeway, expressway or other principal arterial road. High traffic roads like these typically have a higher speed limit, making them especially dangerous for motorcyclists. 

In fact, TIMS reports that about 96% (1,713) of these accidents on highways, expressways, freeways or other principal arterial roads in Los Angeles County resulted in injury or death.

Percentage of Victims with Fatalities or Injuries

The total number of victims with injuries or fatalities was 3134. This number is higher than the total number of crashes due to more than one person riding or victims in other vehicles.

victim crash data

table data


California Counties with the Most Motorcycle Accident Injuries in the Past Three Years

When looking at 2020 and 2021 data, this is roughly a 15% increase in injuries from 2020 to 2022 and roughly a 3% increase in injuries when comparing to 2021 data.counties-with-most-motorcycle-accidents-in-california


Video Submission Guidelines

As you can see riding a motorcycle is extremely dangerous throughout the entire state of California. If you’d like to partake in our contest to help promote motorcycle safety across the state of California, please submit a video following the guidelines below.

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