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Los Angeles Strip Club Wage Disputes

In recent years, owners of strip clubs have faced numerous lawsuits accusing them of violating standards set by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

These lawsuits often center on the legal classification of entertainers as “employees” or “independent contractors.” Misclassification claims, or claims alleging that companies have described and paid their workers incorrectly are on the rise across the United States.

Lawsuits introduced by adult entertainers against their employers commonly include wage-related matters.

In 2019, a Bloomberg Law Analysis revealed that exotic dancers filed over 400 wage-and-hour complaints from 2006 to September 30, 2019 in federal courts, accusing strip club venues of illegal practices and seeking back wages. Some clubs have had to pay multimillion dollar settlements to dancers who accused them of wage theft and other labor law violations.

What are the Rights of Strippers and Exotic Dancers under California’s AB5 Law?

Enacted in 2019, California’s AB5 law states that adult entertainers can be classified as either employees or independent contractors. This law offers specific guidelines for employers to properly classify their workers as employees or contractors.

Exotic dancers are afforded far more legal rights when they are classified as workers as opposed to when they are classified as independent contractors. As employees, dancers can be protected from harassment, discrimination and other offensive behavior at work.

They also can be protected from employer retaliation if they are involved in a lawsuit against them. Additionally, AB5 allows adult entertainers to unionize and bargain collectively if they are classified as employees.

How do I Know if I Have a Case?

When entertainers are classified as employers, the strip club is obligated to pay more in taxes and implement new workplace policies.

Because owners of strip clubs must pay their employees benefits, social security, insurance other expenses, some strip clubs have responded by raising house fees, taking more tips, or cutting back the hours of dancers who are classified as employees.

Although this behavior is illegal, strip club owners may retaliate in this way to make the status of an employee appear more unappealing than that of an independent contractor.
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How do I Prove My Case?

If a strip club venue wants to argue in court that its adult entertainments are independent contractors, they will need to prove the following:

  • The employer has no direct control or direction over the strippers or exotic dancers
  • The work of the stripper or exotic dancer is not central to the employer’s business
  • The stripper or exotic dancer holds a separate business that is related to the work they are performing for the employer

An adult entertainer must meet all these requirements if they are to be classified as independent contractors. Employers should keep in mind that under these guidelines, strippers and dancers generally cannot be classified as independent contractors at strip club venues.

A strip club’s primary line of business is adult entertainment provided by dancers who perform routines. These venues often dictate a stripper’s appearance, outfits, showtimes, and other details. This work is also essential to a strip club’s business.

If you are an exotic dancer who is being wrongly classified as an independent contractor by your employer, you should speak to an experienced strip club attorney to make sure that your employer is adhering to the standards set forth by AB5.

What are Some Example Cases?

The following are some examples of illegal behavior that may warrant legal claims:

  • The strip club’s owner announces they will take a higher percentage of tips after learning that they must pay additional taxes
  • A stripper at a strip club is classified as a “general contractor” even though their work is essential, and their boss dictates the songs and outfits they must use
  • An adult entertainment venue restricts your work hours and slashes your pay once you become an “employee” instead of a “general contractor”
  • The strip club’s management withholds tips from dancers

Is it Worth Suing?

If you are an adult entertainer who has been paid unfairly for their work or who believes their work has been misclassified, you should seek legal remedy against your employer as you could stand to receive financial compensation.

A knowledgeable strip club lawyer can review your case to see if you are eligible for relief. If you have a valid claim, your attorney can assist you in bringing forth a case against your employer. The best way to know whether suing your employer is worth it or not is to find a reputable lawyer in your area who can help you understand your rights.

How Can an Exotic Dancer Lawyer Help Me?

An exotic dancer attorney can help you review your options and how to defend your rights against the claims being made against you in court. By looking at the unique factors of your case, a strip club lawyer can help you determine if your matter can be settled out of court and what you could receive in financial compensation.

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