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7 Best Rear End Collision Attorneys in Los Angeles


Rear Ended in Los Angeles? Hire One of These Accident Lawyers

As a certified California attorney referral service, we have the privilege of working with some of the best rear end accident lawyers in Los Angeles.

Over the past seven years we have been connecting people just like you with rear collision attorneys who are ready to fight for you. In some cases our member attorneys have achieved seven figure settlements for clients they’ve helped.

If you’re looking to hire one of the best attorneys in the state for your case, take a look at our list below.

Our List of Rear End Collision Attorneys in Los Angeles

1. Jessica Anvar Stotz

jessica anvar

Jessica Anvar is a Los Angeles-based attorney and entrepreneur. She has received Super Lawyers Rising Star Award in Southern California from 2009-2019, Super Lawyers Award in Southern California from 2020-2023, and is also listed in the Southern California National Trial Lawyers Top 100 list. Jessica was also just recently named Women of Influence for Attorneys in 2023 by the LA Business Journal.

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2. Mark Bloom

mark bloom

Mark Bloom is the founder of Bloom Injury Law and has more than ten years of experience litigating high-stakes cases in various courts. He is recognized as an aggressive trial attorney who has secured multiple multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts while working at prominent plaintiff law firms.

  • Recent rear end accident settlement: $1,250,000 for a rear end car crash with minimal property damage resulting in back surgery and hip surgery

3. ACTS Law

acts law

ACTS Law, led by four distinguished trial attorneys. The firm has received recognition as top trial attorneys from reputable organizations such as the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles, the Daily Journal, and Super Lawyers. ACTS Law’s verdicts and settlements have been acknowledged by peer organizations, legal publications, and verdict-ranking agencies as some of the most significant in the state and country.

  • Recent rear end accident settlement: $1,000,000 for a rear end car crash causing injuries and property damage.

4. Alan Ahdoot

Alan Ahdoot

Ahdoot has strong dedication for being an advocate for injured clients facing a wide variety of personal injury cases. He considers it an honor to help injured victims in need and to have such an impact on their life. Recently, Alan was named a 2022 California Super Lawyer and he has a perfect 10.0 rating on Avvo.

  • Recent rear end accident settlement: $1,000,000 for a semi-truck transport rear end car crash causing brain and spinal cord injuries and property damage.

5. Daren Lipinsky

daren lipinsky

Daren handles strictly personal injury and employment law cases throughout California. As advertised, their firm truly gets RESULTS. They have been listed in the Top 10 verdicts in the U.S. for personal injury. Mr. Lipinsky’s firm has achieved hundreds of millions in settlements and they’re ready to help people just like you.

6. Santo Riccobono

Santo Riccobono

Santo Riccobono is a compassionate and devoted advocate with a proven track record in serious personal injury cases. He is dedicated to his clients and is highly competitive in the fast-paced world of litigation, always striving to achieve the best outcomes for them.

Santo’s outstanding reputation in the legal community is evident from his recognition as a Southern California Rising Star by Super Lawyers Magazine, which is awarded to only 2.5% of California attorneys. He also holds a 10/10 rating from Avvo, an independent rating service for attorneys.

7. Lior Katz

lior katz

Lior worked as a senior attorney for a litigation firm representing large corporate entities. After realizing that there was a shortage of lawyers who actually care about their clients, Lior decided to open the doors to Katz Law. Lior was named twice in a row a Super Lawyer Rising Star, a distinction that is given to only 2.5% of attorneys in Southern California.

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Cases We Can Help With

Types of rear end accident cases LawLinq Lawyers can help you with:

  • Accidents involving injuries
  • Statute of limitations has not passed
  • You’ve received medical treatment after your accident

Cases We Don’t help With

Sometimes these attorneys aren’t the right fit for your case. Here are a few examples that can or might make your rear end accident case difficult to handle:

  • Car accidents with no injuries
  • A court decision has been reached
  • Statute of limitations has passed

Common Mistakes People Make When Filing a Rear End Accident Claim on Their Own

Filing a rear-end accident claim on your own can be challenging, as insurance companies often try to minimize payouts. To increase your chances of a successful claim, it’s important to avoid common mistakes people make when handling these claims without legal assistance:

  • Not Seeking Medical Attention Immediately: One of the biggest mistakes is failing to seek medical attention immediately after the accident. Delaying medical treatment can weaken your claim, as insurance companies may argue that your injuries were not severe or related to the accident.
  • Admitting Fault or Apologizing: Avoid admitting fault or apologizing at the accident scene, as these statements can be used against you later when determining liability. Stick to the facts when talking to the other driver and witnesses.
  • Not Collecting Evidence: Failing to gather evidence can weaken your claim. Be sure to take photos of the accident scene, vehicle damage, injuries, and the surrounding area. Obtain contact information from witnesses, if possible.
  • Not Reporting the Accident to the Police: Always report the accident to the police and request an accident report. This official documentation can be valuable when negotiating with the insurance company.
  • Providing a Recorded Statement: Be cautious when giving recorded statements to insurance adjusters. Their goal is to minimize payouts, so it’s best to consult with an attorney before providing any recorded statements.
  • Settling Too Quickly: Rushing to settle with the insurance company without fully understanding the extent of your injuries or damages can lead to inadequate compensation. Take your time to assess your injuries and consult with healthcare professionals.
  • Not Documenting Medical Treatment: Keep detailed records of all medical treatment, including doctor’s visits, prescriptions, therapies, and bills. These records will be crucial when seeking compensation for medical expenses.
  • Underestimating Future Damages: Don’t forget to account for future medical expenses, lost wages, and ongoing pain and suffering in your claim. Consult with a personal injury attorney to ensure you’re adequately compensated for all potential future costs.
  • Not Understanding Insurance Coverage: Many people don’t fully understand their insurance policies. Review your policy carefully and understand the coverage limits and deductibles to avoid surprises during the claims process.
  • Failing to Consult an Attorney: Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes is not consulting a personal injury attorney. They can help you navigate the claims process, negotiate with insurance companies, and ensure you receive fair compensation.

In rear-end accident cases, it’s important to prioritize your health and well-being while also protecting your legal rights. Consulting with an experienced attorney can help you avoid these common mistakes and increase your chances of a successful claim outcome.

Deceptive Tactics From the Other Party’s Insurance Company to Watch Out For

Insurance companies are known to use various deceptive tactics to minimize their liability and payouts in rear-end accident claims.

It’s important to be aware of these tactics so that you can protect your rights and make informed decisions during the claims process. Some deceptive tactics that the other person’s insurance company might try on you include:

  1. Quick Settlement Offers: Insurance adjusters may offer a fast settlement soon after the accident, before the full extent of your injuries is known. This tactic aims to get you to accept a lowball offer, often before you’ve had a chance to consult with an attorney or fully assess your damages.
  2. Downplaying Injuries: Insurance adjusters may downplay the severity of your injuries or claim they are unrelated to the accident. They may argue that your injuries were pre-existing or that you are exaggerating your pain and suffering.
  3. Recorded Statements: Insurance companies often request recorded statements from claimants. While these may seem routine, they can be used against you later to undermine your claim. It’s advisable to consult with an attorney before providing a recorded statement.
  4. Delaying Claims Processing: Insurance companies may unnecessarily delay the claims process, hoping you will become financially strained and more willing to accept a lower settlement to cover immediate expenses.
  5. Lowball Settlement Offers: Even if they do not make an initial quick offer, insurance companies may provide lowball settlement offers that do not adequately compensate you for your damages, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.
  6. Blaming You for the Accident: Insurance adjusters may attempt to shift blame onto you or argue that you were partially at fault for the accident. This tactic can reduce the amount of compensation you receive if your state follows comparative negligence rules.
  7. Requesting Full Medical Records: Insurance companies may request your full medical records, even if the information is unrelated to your accident. They may use this information to search for pre-existing conditions or other factors to reduce your claim.
  8. Pressure to Sign a Release: When they make an offer, insurance companies may pressure you to sign a release of liability quickly. Once you sign, you typically cannot pursue further compensation, even if you later discover additional injuries or expenses.
  9. Intimidation and Bullying: Some insurance adjusters may use aggressive or intimidating tactics to discourage you from pursuing your claim or consulting with an attorney.
  10. Offering a Lump Sum for Future Expenses: They may offer you a lump sum for future medical expenses and other damages. Be cautious with these offers, as they may not accurately reflect your long-term needs.

To protect yourself from these deceptive tactics, consider consulting with a personal injury attorney who specializes in handling rear-end accident claims.

An attorney can provide guidance, negotiate on your behalf, and help you navigate the claims process while advocating for your best interests.

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