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Have you ever picked up your cell phone only to be greeted by a pre-recorded voice or heard a click and pause before you were greeted by the caller? Have you ever received a voicemail from a pre-recorded message? Have you ever received a spam-like text message to your cell phone? If so, you have experienced a robo-call. If you did not consent to receive the robo-call, you may be entitled to receive monetary compensation under the TCPA.


At LawLinq, our lawyers help people obtain justice and compensation for having to deal with pestering automated telephone communications. Congress passed the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) to restrict telemarketers, debt collectors and businesses from auto-dialing (“robo-dialing”), leaving pre-recorded voicemail messages, and sending unsolicited text messages to a consumer’s cell phone. This area of the law is highly specialized and requires expert attorneys that have the knowledge and skill to help you receive fair compensation. Do not hesitate any longer, contact us directly for a free evaluation and referral to one of our seasoned TCPA Lawyers.


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The TCPA prohibits automated or pre-recorded robo-calls to a consumer’s cell phone, pager or any other type of service where the consumer may be charged for the call.

Although the TCPA became law before text messages were a reality, it has since been interpreted to prohibiting business from sending consumer’s automated “robo” text messages. Have you received a text message from a retailer or some other type of business advertising or marketing their services? This type of mobile marketing is illegal and a violation of the TCPA.

Example TCPA Violations

  • Receiving a call between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m.
  • Receiving a call after requesting to be on the Do-Not-Call list
  • Receiving a call at your residence from an automated recording
  • Debt collectors not identifying themselves to you on a call
  • Creditors or Debt Collectors that threaten to damage your credit score


If you have received illegal pre-recorded messages, robo-calls, robo-faxes and/or robo text messages, you may bring a TCPA claim against the caller and in certain circumstances against the retailer in state or federal court.


Call us now at (855) 997-2558 and we will explain more about TCPA and refer you to a TCPA attorney at once. Under the TCPA, you may be entitled to recover monetary damages in the amount of $500 to $1,500 for each illegal call, voicemail, fax or text message.