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4 Best Los Angeles Age Discrimination Lawyers


Age discrimination is a pervasive problem in the United States, especially in Los Angeles. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) of 1967 prohibits employers from discriminating against workers 40 years of age and older.

The act was designed to protect the rights of people in the workplace who were discriminated against because of their age in hiring, job assignments, layoffs, and other employment decisions.

Unfortunately, many employers still do not comply with these regulations, and older workers may feel powerless.

We understand the need to find a qualified age discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles who can help you protect your rights. Instead of looking up the top “age discrimination lawyer Los Angeles”, trust us to find the most suitable option for you.

Our goal is to assist you in finding the top age discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles and to offer you comprehensive information about their services, so you can make an informed decision about your case. You can be assured that our lawyers are of top-notch quality as they have undergone rigorous screening and are certified by the California State Bar.

We will carefully review your case and offer you helpful tips on how to choose the right attorney, how to assess the strength of your case and any other advice you may need.

4 Best Los Angeles Age Discrimination Attorneys

Our Los Angeles age discrimination lawyers will provide legal expertise in helping you determine if an employer has violated your rights, and they can help with filing a complaint or even pursuing legal action.

We’ve put together a list of the four best Los Angeles age discrimination lawyers who understand the nuances of the law and are experienced in helping victims fight for their rights.

1. Jessica Anvar

jessica anvar

Jessica Anvar is an experienced and passionate consumer rights advocate and the Founder and Managing Attorney of Lemon Law Experts in California. She is committed to safeguarding the rights of all, and over her distinguished career, has successfully recovered millions of dollars in damages for her clients.

Jessica takes a personal interest in every case she takes on, applying her extensive knowledge of the law to ensure that each client receives the justice they deserve. Her legal acumen, coupled with her commitment to each case, make her an invaluable lawyer in ensuring a successful outcome for your age discrimination case.

2. Jordan Cohen

jordan cohen

Jordan Cohen is a renowned trial attorney and experienced litigator who is committed to helping those facing age discrimination in the workplace. With a deep-seated understanding of the law, he has achieved numerous successes on behalf of his clients.

Expertly trained and eager to assist, Jordan’s dynamic approach stands out among other lawyers in the field – a talent often visible in his impressive court performances. He has a proven track record of results-driven advocacy, making him an invaluable asset in any case involving employee rights.

3. Carey Wood

carey wood

Carey Wood is an experienced litigator who combines a wealth of knowledge with a steadfast commitment to her clients. She is renowned for her expertise in both state and federal courts, providing invaluable insight for any age discrimination case.

She approaches each client’s individual needs with care and attention to detail, delivering hard-hitting advocacy and results-driven outcomes. Utilizing an innovative approach with creative problem-solving, Carey Wood is sure to provide reliable counsel no matter the situation.

4. Nancy Zhang

nancy zhang

Nancy Zhang is an eminent litigator with vast experience in resolving complex legal cases. Clients commend her strong attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to success. Nancy is a reliable advocate who meets every case she takes with exemplary diligence, sharp comprehension, and vibrant enthusiasm.

Her understanding of relevant laws and policies enable her to craft adaptive strategies for each case at hand. Nancy’s compassionate communication style allows her clients to feel supported throughout the entire litigation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Prove Age Discrimination in California?

To prove age discrimination in California, you must show that you were treated differently because of your age in comparison to others who were not in the same age group.

To do this, you will be required to present evidence that demonstrates a pattern of age-based discrimination, such as hiring someone because of their age or an employer’s decision to terminate a worker due to their age.

Additionally, you must be able to demonstrate that no other reasonable factor could explain why you were treated differently, such as unsatisfactory employee performance.

What Are 4 Types of Age Discrimination?

There are four types of age discrimination: direct, indirect, disparate treatment and harassment.

1) Direct discrimination – When an employer treats someone differently based on their age, such as not hiring someone because they are over 50.

2) Indirect discrimination – When an employer applies a policy or procedure that appears to be neutral but has an adverse impact on people of a certain age.

3) Disparate treatment – When an employer singles out someone because of their age and subjects them to less favorable treatment than other workers.

4) Harassment – When an employer creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment for someone based on their age.

What Percentage of Age Discrimination Cases Are Won?

The success rate of age discrimination cases in California is difficult to pinpoint. It can depend on many factors such as the strength of the evidence and whether the employer can provide a non-discriminatory reason for its actions.

However, research shows that around 70% of all age discrimination cases settle before trial, with plaintiffs receiving compensation for their damages.

How Can an Age Discrimination Lawyer Help Me?

A Los Angeles age discrimination lawyer can determine whether you have a viable case and build the strongest possible argument for your damages.

They will present your case in an ethical and professional manner, while ensuring that you are well informed of all your options.

An age discrimination lawyer will also advise you on the best course of action and ensure that you receive a fair and just outcome.

Why Should Someone Work with a Lawlinq Age Discrimination Lawyer?

LawLinq goes beyond just providing a listing of qualified lawyers. We are committed to helping you find the best lawyer for your specific case.

All our Los Angeles age discrimination attorneys have been carefully vetted and have a proven track record of success in cases like yours.

Plus, when you work with a LawLinq lawyer, you can be sure that you are receiving prompt and thorough case reviews, excellent communication, and strategic guidance throughout the process.

We understand that going through an age discrimination case can be difficult, and we are dedicated to helping you get the justice you deserve.


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