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ca labor code 218.5
May 23, 2024

California Labor Code 218.5 Overview & Example Scenarios

California Labor Code 218.5 states that after a case involving an employer refusing to pay wages, fringe benefits, or health and welfare-related fund contributions, the winning party is awarded reasonable attorney’s fees by the court. In order to receive these fees, they must have been requested when the action was first brought (in the initial […]

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ca labor code 201
May 22, 2024

California Labor Code 201 Overview and Example Scenarios

California Labor Code 201 is a state labor law that says employees must be given earned and unpaid wages when they are fired by their employer immediately. It also describes the payment of such wages for employees terminated because of seasonal employment in the business of curing, canning, or drying fruit, fish, or vegetables. Finally, […]

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ca labor code 98.6
May 22, 2024

California Labor Code 98.6 Overview and Example Scenarios

California Labor Code 98.6 is a California statute that describes certain conduct employees cannot be fired for by their employers. This conduct typically involves the employee bringing some kind of a claim, like a claim for unpaid or loss of wages for various reasons. California Labor Code 98.6 Explained in 90 Seconds California Labor Code […]

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Apr 2, 2024

10 California Car Accident Settlement Examples with Averages Listed

What is the average car accident settlement in California? Forbes has reported that the average settlement amount for car accident claims between 2015 and 2020 was approximately $23,000, with the majority of claimants receiving less than $10,000. How Much to Expect From a Car Accident Settlement in California The table below will approximate how much […]

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