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Jun 3, 2024

Average Payout for Pedestrian Hit by Car in California [2024 Update]

Updated 6/12/2024 Short answer: Depending on the severity of injuries and the expertise of an attorney, the average payout for a pedestrian hit by a car in California can range from $10,000 to $10,000,000 or more. For minor injuries settlements could be approximately $10,000. For moderate injuries an injured victim could expect approximately $50,000 or […]

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Jun 2, 2024

Average Semi Truck Accident Settlement in California (2024 Update)

Updated 6/12/2024 Short answer: The average semi truck accident settlement in California is hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. In 2024, minor accidents and injuries could expect settlements of approximately $25,000 or more. While moderate and severe accidents resulting in serious injuries can surpass the $100,000 settlement mark quickly. Averages for these types of […]

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Apr 2, 2024

10 California Car Accident Settlement Examples with Averages Listed

What is the average car accident settlement in California? Forbes has reported that the average settlement amount for car accident claims between 2015 and 2020 was approximately $23,000, with the majority of claimants receiving less than $10,000. How Much to Expect From a Car Accident Settlement in California The table below will approximate how much […]

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Apr 1, 2024

Free California Semi Truck Accident Settlement Calculator

Updated on 4/1/24 Looking to calculate your California 18 wheeler accident settlement quickly? Fill out our online calculator form to get a rough estimate in about 90 seconds and start your road to recovery. *This calculator was just updated for 2023-2024. California semi-truck accident settlement calculators can be helpful tools for estimating the potential value […]

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