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April 2, 2024

10 California Car Accident Settlement Examples with Averages Listed

Legally reviewed by: Jessica Anvar Stotz, JD, MBA

What is the average car accident settlement in California?

Forbes has reported that the average settlement amount for car accident claims between 2015 and 2020 was approximately $23,000, with the majority of claimants receiving less than $10,000.

How Much to Expect From a Car Accident Settlement in California

The table below will approximate how much you might expect from different types of car accidents in California with injuries involved in 2024 (including minor injuries). This table did not account for car accidents with no injuries.

Data updated: 4/10/24

Type of Accident Approximate Settlement
Rear End Accident Approximately: $5,000 – $50,000
T-Bone Accident Approximately: $20,000 – $100,000
Sideswipe Accident Approximately: $7,500 – $45,000
Head On Collision Approximately: $25,000 – $150,000
Rollover Accident Approximately: $50,000 – $250,000
Hit and Run Accident Approximately: $10,000 – $75,000
Multi Vehicle Accident Approximately: $15,000 – $100,000

What is the minimum settlement for car accidents in California?

In California, there is no minimum settlement amount for personal injury claims, which means that the amount a claimant receives can vary widely depending on the specific circumstances of their case.

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What are some examples of car accident settlements in California?

The following are ten examples of car accident settlements from across the United States:

  1. After suffering a herniated disc in a broadside accident at a busy intersection, one woman received a settlement of $230,000 following spinal fusion surgery.
  2. One man with a pre-existing lumbar fusion received a $186,000 settlement for injuries sustained to his neck and low back in a low-speed, side impact wreck.
  3. A law firm based in California obtained an eight-figure settlement (+$10,000,000) in a personal injury case involving a motorcycle accident, where the client suffered life-changing injuries.
  4. A wrongful death settlement of $150,000 was reached after a man was hit from the side by a garbage truck, resulting in his instant death, and the policy limits were reached.
  5. An insurance company settled for $100,000, the policy limits, after a man’s BMW was struck by a Ford Ranger running a red light at a high speed, causing his vehicle to roll onto its roof. The man suffered lacerations to the face and a complete rupture of the posterior cruciate ligament, for which he underwent surgery and made a full recovery.
  6. In Brentwood, CA a woman sustained serious injuries after she was hit by a Chevy Tahoe while riding her motorized scooter in a marked crosswalk. Her legal team was able to prove that the other driver was 100% at fault and she was awarded $100,000 for the incident.
  7. Another $100,000 policy limit settlement was reached after a man sustained a left C6-7 facet joint fracture and required extensive physical therapy due to a T-bone accident caused by another driver cutting off his wife’s car at an I-15 on-ramp while he was in the front passenger seat.
  8. A young woman died in a car accident in Los Angeles when an underage driver in a supercar crashed into her vehicle while she was waiting at a red light. The woman’s family received over $18,000,000 in a wrongful death settlement.
  9. After being struck by a car while crossing the street, a pedestrian sustained numerous severe injuries, including a complete or nearly complete tear of the ACL, a Grade II MCL injury, a vertical tear of the posterior horn medial meniscus, contusions of the lateral tibial plateau, lateral femoral condyle, and fibular head, as well as large joint effusion and chondromalacia patella. The victim received a settlement of $60,000.
  10. A man in Orinda, CA was awarded $875,000 following an accident in which the client was a passenger in a friend’s car. The driver lost control and crashed into a concrete pillar, resulting in serious injuries, loss of work, and hefty medical bills.

Please note that the examples of car accident settlements provided should not be taken as an indication of what one may receive in their case, as every accident is unique and there are several factors that could impact the amount of compensation awarded.

Some of these factors include the severity of the injuries sustained, the amount of medical expenses incurred, lost wages or earning capacity, and the level of negligence or fault on the part of the responsible party. Therefore, it is essential to seek the advice of a qualified attorney who can evaluate the specific circumstances of your case and help you determine what amount of compensation may be reasonable.

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What damages are accident victims entitled to?

The car accident compensation examples above primarily discuss details related to economic damages. However, car accident victims in California may be entitled to various types of damages depending on the circumstances of the accident and the severity of their injuries. Some common types of damages include:

  • Economic damages: Compensation for financial losses resulting from the accident, such as medical bills, lost wages, and property damage.
  • Non-economic damages: Compensation for non-financial losses resulting from the accident, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Punitive damages: Compensation in the form of punishment for the at-fault party’s reckless or intentional conduct.

The comparative negligence system in California reduces damages if a victim is partially at fault. However, depending on the circumstances, a victim may be entitled to substantial damages. A car accident attorney can help you quantify your damages, gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and represent you in court if necessary.

Which factors affect settlement amounts?

The settlement amount in a car accident case can depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • The severity of the injury
  • Liability
  • Insurance coverage
  • Economic damages
  • Non-economic damages

Each personal injury case is unique, and many factors can affect the amount of compensation a victim may receive. These factors can include the severity of the injuries, the level of pain and suffering endured, and the impact of the accident on the victim’s ability to work and enjoy life

How Can You Maximize Your Settlement Amount?

Maximizing your settlement amount in a car accident case requires taking proactive steps from the start. Seeking prompt medical attention, documenting all accident-related details, and keeping accurate records of all expenses can help build a strong case. However, navigating the legal process on your own can be daunting. That’s why seeking the guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney is crucial.

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Do You Have a Case?

Generally, in a car accident case, the victim must prove that the defendant’s negligence caused the victim’s injuries. To determine if you have a case, here are some factors to consider:

  1. Duty: Did the defendant have a duty to act reasonably under the circumstances?
  2. Breach of duty: Did the defendant breach their duty by acting unreasonably or failing to act?
  3. Causation: Did the defendant’s breach of duty cause your injuries?
  4. Damages: Did you suffer damages because of your injuries?

If you have been injured in an accident, you may be wondering if you have an injury case and how to find a suitable attorney. That’s where we can assist. We can connect you with a successful accident attorney who has handled situations like yours.

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