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July 27, 2023

Free California Discrimination Lawsuit Settlement Calculator

Legally reviewed by: Jessica Anvar Stotz, JD, MBA

As a State Bar Certified California attorney referral service, we’ve spoken to and referred many people who have endured discrimination and racial discrimination. A discrimination case is a serious matter and we think we can help you with our settlement calculator below.

Calculate What Your Discrimination Settlement is Worth Now

To calculate your potential settlement, fill out the questions below. In about 90 seconds you’ll receive an approximate settlement. Don’t delay! Put an end to the medical bills and expenses that keep coming and start your journey to recovery.

Factors that Commonly Affect Discrimination Settlement Amounts

Aspect Low Settlement Factors Medium Settlement Factors High Settlement Factors
Length of Discrimination Short Duration of Discrimination Moderate Duration of Discrimination Prolonged and Persistent Discrimination
Evidence Limited Incidents or Evidence Some Incidents and Supporting Evidence Multiple Incidents and Strong Evidence
Reporting No Reporting or Inadequate Response Reported with Inadequate Action Reported with No Appropriate Action
Witnesses Lack of Witnesses Few Witnesses Multiple Witnesses with Credibility
Emotional Distress Minimal Emotional or Physical Harm Moderate Emotional Distress Severe Emotional Distress and Impact
Previous Instances of Discrimination No Previous Discrimination Cases Some Prior Discrimination Concerns Established Pattern of Discrimination
Workplace Discrimination Policies in Place Absence of Discriminatory Policies Questionable Company Policies Evident Discriminatory Policies
Financial Burdens No Financial Losses Minor Financial Setbacks Significant Financial Losses and Setbacks
Resolution No Attempt at Resolution Mediation Attempted with No Resolution Failed Mediation or Lack of Resolution
Documentation Lack of Substantial Supporting Documents Some Supporting Documentation Strong Documentation and Witness Statements

Handling a Discrimination Case on Your Own vs. with a Lawyer

Aspect Settling Pro Se (On Your Own) Settling with an Employment Lawyer
Legal Knowledge Limited understanding of employment laws and regulations In-depth knowledge of employment laws and expertise in discrimination cases
Case Assessment May struggle to evaluate the strength of your case Can provide a thorough evaluation of your case’s merits and potential value
Gathering Evidence May face challenges in obtaining and presenting evidence Can efficiently gather and present strong supporting evidence
Negotiation Skills Limited experience in negotiating settlement agreements Skilled in negotiation tactics and maximizing settlement outcomes
Understanding Damages May not be aware of the full range of compensable damages Knows how to identify and calculate various damages (e.g., lost wages, emotional distress)
Legal Strategy Lack of knowledge in developing an effective legal strategy Formulates a strategic approach tailored to your case
Paperwork and Documentation May struggle with complex legal paperwork and filings Handles all legal documentation and ensures proper filings
Risk of Mistakes Higher risk of making critical mistakes in the process Reduces the likelihood of errors that could harm your case
Communication with Employer Direct communication with the employer may be challenging Acts as a mediator and communicates professionally with the employer
Access to Resources Limited access to legal resources and expert consultations Has access to a network of experts, resources, and legal databases
Courtroom Representation Represents yourself in court, which can be overwhelming Advocates for you in court, providing effective representation
Settlement Amount May settle for a lower amount due to lack of negotiation skills Can negotiate for a more favorable and appropriate settlement amount
Emotional Support Limited emotional support during a stressful process Provides emotional support and guidance throughout the case

What Not to Do When Filing a Discrimination Lawsuit

  1. Do not delay in taking action: Discrimination cases often have strict time limitations for filing complaints or charges with relevant government agencies. In the United States, for example, filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) generally must be done within 180 days (or 300 days in certain cases) of the alleged discriminatory act. Failing to meet these deadlines could jeopardize your case.
  2. Do not overlook documenting evidence: Proper documentation is crucial in discrimination cases. Keep detailed records of any discriminatory incidents, including dates, times, locations, people involved, and what was said or done. Preserve any relevant emails, messages, or documents that can support your claims. Lack of evidence can weaken your case significantly.
  3. Do not engage in retaliation or hostility: If you believe you are facing discrimination at work, it’s essential to handle the situation professionally. Avoid retaliating against the offender or engaging in hostile behavior, as it could be used against you. Focus on gathering evidence and seeking legal advice to address the situation effectively.
  4. Do not dismiss the importance of witnesses: Witness testimonies can play a crucial role in proving discrimination. If there were colleagues or supervisors who witnessed discriminatory actions or remarks, try to obtain their support. Witness accounts can add credibility to your case and strengthen your position.
  5. Do not ignore your employer’s internal procedures: Many companies have established procedures for addressing workplace discrimination complaints. Make sure to follow your employer’s internal process for reporting discrimination. Failure to do so might weaken your case, and it could be argued that you didn’t give the employer an opportunity to address the issue.

Recent Discrimination Cases in California

Find Out What Your Settlement is Worth

If you or your family member believes they have a discrimination case, don’t delay seeking legal help. We connect people with some of the best discrimination lawyers in the state for free.

Call 24/7 to get connected with a top rated attorney and begin your journey to recovery. The last thing we want to see is anyone becoming overwhelmed due to medical expenses piling up. Or, their case being dismissed because they waited too long to reach out for help. (855) 997-2558

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