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January 8, 2024

11 Million Dollar+ Personal Injury Settlements in California

Legally reviewed by: Jessica Anvar Stotz, JD, MBA

Million-dollar personal injury settlements are not common. This is because achieving seven figure settlements typically requires a strong case, significant damages, and a skilled attorney. Most cases or injuries don’t hold that much value.

Personal injury cases may reach the million-dollar threshold when they involve significant damages, such as severe injuries, extensive property loss, or complex legal issues that require extensive resources and expertise. Additionally, high-profile cases or those against large corporations may also lead to substantial settlements or verdicts exceeding a million dollars.

Below we’ll list out examples of real million dollar or more personal injury settlements to give you an idea of what your case might be worth.

Million Dollar or More California Personal Injury Settlements

1. California school district agrees to pay $27 million to settle suit over death of 13-year-old assaulted by fellow students

Settlement amount: $27,000,000

September 14, 2023: “According to CBS News, a Southern California school district has agreed to pay $27 million to settle a lawsuit by the family of an eighth grade boy who died after being assaulted by two other students at a middle school four years ago. One of the teens struck the teenager in the head from behind and he fell, hitting his head against a pillar. The teens then continued punching Stolz, who died nine days later from a brain injury. The attack was recorded on video.”

2. California man paralyzed from run-in with police gets $20 million settlement

Settlement amount: $20,000,000

July 11, 2023: According to AP News, “a Northern California man who was left paralyzed after he was slammed to the ground during a traffic stop won a $20 million settlement. Gross was left with a broken neck, and he underwent two surgeries to fuse his spine. He said the officers’ use of force left him unable to walk or care for himself, and he now needs round-the-clock nursing care for the rest of his life.”

3. Former Graton man mauled by Sheriff’s K-9 wins $1.35 million settlement from Sonoma County

Settlement amount: $1,350,000

February 11, 2023: According to The Press Democrat, “two sheriff’s deputies stunned Jason Anglero-Wyrick with a Taser and sicced a police dog named Vader on him April 4, 2020, after an unsubstantiated report that he had earlier that day pointed a gun at another person. No gun was ever found and charges were never filed against Anglero-Wyrick, who is Black.”

“The attack, which the cellphone video showed lasted for 90 seconds, left him with long-term leg injuries that still require physical therapy, and he has not been able to return to work in the construction industry.” Jason received a $1,350,000 dog bite settlement due to his injuries.

4. California county to pay $32 million in case of abused baby

Settlement amount: $32,000,000

January 30, 2023: “According to the Los Angeles Times, in the summer of 2020, a 10-month-old child, identified in court records only as J.G., was admitted to an Orange County hospital and was found to have suffered “profound brain damage due to severe malnourishment.” The lawsuit, filed through the child’s grandmother, alleged that the county’s Child Welfare Services program failed to act on multiple reports of child abuse and neglect, resulting in J.G.’s condition and permanent brain damage.”

5. Car crash victim awarded $8.9M, beating 25K settlement offer, following rare directed verdict win

Settlement amount: $8,900,000

July 10, 2023: According to Courtroom View Network, “a California state court jury has awarded $8.9 million to a man struck by a drunk driver, after his attorneys secured a rare directed verdict win on the question of liability and comparative fault against the driver’s insurer.”

“The Los Angeles County jury returned the verdict for Plaintiff Victor Montez on July 5 in a trial that kicked off on June 22. Montez sued defendant Dennis Perez following a head-on collision in 2017, accusing Perez of driving while intoxicated and seeking compensation for a lengthy list of injuries ranging from serious fractures to back and neck trauma to a traumatic brain injury.”

6. $18.85M settlement reached in West L.A. Lamborghini crash that killed woman

Settlement amount: $18,850,000

April 27, 2022: According to KTLA, “the family of a woman killed in a West Los Angeles crash involving a speeding Lamborghini last year will receive at least $18.85 million after a wrongful death settlement was reached with the then 17-year-old driver, the family’s attorney announced Wednesday. The law firm representing the family called the agreement one of the largest settlements in California history for a single plaintiff in a wrongful death case.”

7. Jury awards over $60 million to parents of teen killed in Torrance car chase

Settlement amount: $60,000,000

December 14, 2023: According to the Los Angeles Times, a Los Angeles County jury awarded more than $60 million to the parents of a teen killed during a civilian car chase six years ago.

8. San Diego paying $3.3M to settle injury lawsuits, including $3M to Carlsbad man thrown off bicycle in Bay Ho

Settlement amount: $3,300,000

April 26, 2023: According to the San Diego Union Tribune, San Diego is paying out $3.3 million to settle two personal injury lawsuits, including nearly $3 million to a Carlsbad man who suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was thrown off his bicycle by sunken asphalt on Santa Fe Street in Bay Ho. Christopher Buffin “landed violently” after being thrown from his bicycle in 2015 and now suffers from permanent disabilities that have reduced his earning capacity, according to a lawsuit Buffin filed against the city seven years ago.”

9. Oakland to pay $6.5M to cyclist badly injured on MacArthur Boulevard

Settlement amount: $6,500,000

December 6, 2023: According to The Oaklandside, the Oakland City Council approved paying $6.5 million to a man who was badly injured when he crashed his bike on MacArthur Boulevard three years ago. The lawsuit settlement is the highest amount the city has paid out for road conditions in at least 10 years, according to a review of over 50 cases. It may be the city’s highest-ever payout for a lawsuit prompted by dangerous road conditions.

According to city records, Bruno VanSchoote was thrown off his bicycle while riding downhill on MacArthur Boulevard past the Lake Park Avenue bridge near Lake Merritt on April 18, 2020. VanSchoote was riding in a new bicycle lane when he suddenly hit a cracked or misaligned segment of pavement that was jutting upward. Also called a “seam,” this obstruction caused VanSchoote to lose control of his bike. The now 57-year-old fell and fractured cervical vertebrae, suffering a spinal cord injury and a brain injury.

10. San Diego paying out $4.8M for crash that left one pedestrian dead, another with spinal injuries

Settlement amount: $4,800,000

July 25, 2023: According to the San Diego Union Tribune, a recent lawsuit blames the city for not creating a crosswalk, allowing parking in a high-pedestrian area near Sharp Mary Birch Hospital.

11. Man wins $161 million verdict in motorcycle accident lawsuit

Settlement amount: $161,000,000

May 5, 2023: According to My News LA, “attorneys for a man whose leg was smashed up in a motorcycle accident a decade ago in Cypress said Friday they hope the $161 million lawsuit verdict he won against Suzuki Motor Corporation will prod the company to fix a brake defect in one of its models.”

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